Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Loudonville Wine Shop Hosts Sweetest Day Ohio Wine Night

It's only fitting that Loudonville's 39 East wine shop should host a Sweetest Day Ohio wine night, since the Valentine's Day-like, romantic holiday is a Northeast Ohio creation. The event, to be held on October 20, will feature a variety of wines, including those from Rainbow Hills and Shawnee Springs Wineries. In addition to the tastings, there will be a dessert bar, with chocolate-covered strawberries, miniature cheesecakes, and other delicious creations, and a selection of appetizers.

Tickets are $25 per person, which includes wine tasting plus food. Designated driver tickets are available at $20 per person (includes non-alcoholic drinks instead of wine).

Reservations are recommended. Visit the 39 East Web site or call 419 994-4479 for information and reservations.

39 East is located at 16427 State Route 39 in Loudonville, in Mohican County.

(photo credit: istockphoto)


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